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What our Patients say....

Too much medical history to go into but in my experience of health care professionals, Caroline is way out on top.
The one major indicator for me is that she not only fully assessed my problems– which included listening (many will tell you not listen to you) – but also gave me a good idea of the treatment that she would do AND just as importantly, what I could do myself to improve the condition. Another factor that makes me have full respect for and trust of Caroline is the one issue she referred me on to a specialist (my experience of some ‘professionals’ is they want to keep you as a customer!). I was very interested in the dry needling and also the newer shockwave treatment. Both have worked extremely well and impressively some of the work she’s done is on long term injuries that I thought I’d have to just ‘live with’.

I’m now back in full training along with a good maintenance programme with Caroline plus the correct warm up exercises (not to mention things like the flexbar and stretching that she recommended to me).

The change in my plantar fasciitis is pretty stark, an issue pretty much ignored by other medical professionals through the years. Then several tendon problems in my arms from extensive and fairly heavy weight training is now totally under control. I had feared it was close to having to give up the
training which would have made me very unhappy. One back issue is now clear and ... that’ll do, you get the idea. I’m very happy and very impressed!!

Jonathon Fear 46 Entrepreneur

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Caroline is truly an excellent Physio and more than that !

She knows how to use acupuncture to enhance and compliment physio treatments, she is highly empathetic and fully relates to the impact your illness/ injury has on your life.

This helps Caroline to decide the most suitable treatment for the patient. I can recommend Caroline fully.

My story:


1. Neck

I suffered from a bad neck, was in pain and had problems to turn my head. I saw a specialist consultant and after an x-ray he concluded, that I have got “wear and tear” problems and

Nothing really can be done. Maybe to try some physio treatment to ease the pain.

My Personal Trainer at the gym recommended Caroline to me. I went and not only did she manage to get me better, but also recommended a chiropractor to me, who specialises in necks.

… and it turned out, that I had a slight misalignment in my spine, which was the real cause of the pain.

The following treatment from Caroline in conjunction with the chiropractor cured me, I have got no pain anymore and can turn my head without problems.

To keep the wear and tear issue under control, I am still going on a regular basis to see Caroline to get “maintenance treatments”, so I can live again an active life with sports and challenging travels.

2. Hearing problems and Tinitus

Still going for my “maintenance treatments” to Caroline, I told her about my new issues of hearing loss and tinnitus in my left ear.

Again a specialist consultant advised, that nothing really can be done about this, and I just have to live with it.

Caroline told me about possible acupuncture against tinnitus and stress … we tried it.

And not only the tinnitus is gone, but I got my hearing back as well !!!


Caroline, I can not thank you enough – you enable me to have my active quality life back.

Thank you !


Brigitte Malige -Finance and Administration Director CFO Bosch 

 I started seeing Caroline following two years of pain caused by planta facilitis.  It had got to the point where the pain was so bad that it was having a serious impact on my life.  I could hardly walk, especially when first stepping out of bed, and I could no longer go on the long walks my husband and I so enjoyed.  She suggested the way forward was to have a course of shock wave therapy coupled with a series of exercises which I need to do on a daily basis.  I have just completed a course of eight sessions of shock wave therapy and the results are amazing.  I have started to walk normally for the first time in two years and more importantly I am not in pain every time I try to exercise or even walk short distances.
Not only is she an excellent physiotherapist she made every visit as easy as possible for me and put me at ease, giving me confidence and hope that I could literally get my life back.  I would have no hesitation to recommend her services to anyone finding themselves in my position. Thank you Caroline you have been brilliant!!!!

Lindy Hutchinson 55

Caroline was recommended to me by another Physio (normally a good sign) to have a look at my shin splints.  I had only recently taken up running and these were starting to cause me a problem.  I'd had treatment on these before which was ineffective and therefore didnt expect much from a course of treatment.

How wrong could I be?  Caroline took time to understand my running style, frequency and asked pertinent questions in order to diagnose the root cause.  She set about her treatment which was to be coupled with exercises she had prescribed.  For my particular symptoms, I received acupuncture which I found hugely effective. 

Now four years later and I have maintained my running without the need to ever go back and be specifically treated for shin splints.  I have incurred other injuries (I am not built for running!) and each time, these have been treated effectively and with the minimum of consultation ie. Neither is there any premature discharge of her patients nor does she prolong treatment unnecessarily.

I have found Caroline to be immensely personable, very attentive and sympathetic and take every opportunity to promote her work to those might benefit from her treatment. 

Mike Gahir  38,  Financial Director

I have had intermittent but regular problems with my lower back for over fifteen years and had seen over a dozen different doctors and physios. I had almost accepted the idea that my problem would never go away and that I would just have to live with it. During a particularly bad phase a few months ago when I couldnt stand up straight due to the muscles in my back being contracted, I went to my GP to get a prescription of anti-inflammatories. While there, he tried acupuncture on my back which much to my surprise helped immediately. I had tried acupuncture before and it had done nothing. My GP recommended Caroline Spearing to me for regular physiotherapy and acupuncture and I decided to give it a try.

On my very first visit to Caroline, she put me through some simple tests and readjusted the position of my hips. She explained that the root of my problem is an unstable SIJ joint. From the very first session, I was almost completely pain free for an entire week. That hadnt happened in years. Since then, I have been following Carolines advice to the letter, doing the exercises that she suggests and returning regularly for more acupuncture. Were currently experimenting to see if monthly appointments keep my problem under control and its looking promising. 

Caroline is clearly the best physio that I have ever met and its down to pure luck that I found her. Although I can be a bit nervous about all the crazy sensations that the needles can induce, I look forward to my visits because Caroline is so much fun to spend time with. Thats a big plus when you are lying on your stomach with your face in a chair with a hole and needles sticking out of you. Shes also great at explaining whats going on in your body, causing your problem which is very satisfying after so many years of wondering. I cant recommend Caroline strongly enough.

Dr Jodi Tommerdahl, 40 ,Lecturer & Educational Psychologist

I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough. Having had numerous injuries over the years, which were mainly sports induced, I have been kept mobile through Caroline's knowledge, ability and understanding not only of the physical ailments, but also of her patient's mentality. If you are active, there is an understanding of your need to keep active and exercises will always be prescribed where appropriate to ensure that your mental well being is also cared for! If you need to recover from an injury prior to an event, you can be guaranteed if it is possible, Caroline will be the right person to help you recover safely and get you ready.

My first encounter was through a stress fracture in my foot, almost 10 years ago caused by running. I was referred by my GP to a super podiatrist, Clive Heron ( may I also recommend Clive for anyone needing orthotics or having issues with their feet?), where I was recommended to the physiotherapy practice that Caroline was working at the time. Since this time, I have been successfully treated for a number of injuries by Caroline ( feet, knees, hips due to sporting injuries)and I have returned to her whenever needed.
I am pleased to say that anyone I have referred to Caroline have also been very pleased with the treatment they have received, be it the diagnosis,  therapy, remedial massage, acupuncture, ultrasound, rehabilitation programme, manner in which they were treated or onward referral to consultants.

Whenever I have been referred to consultants, they are ALWAYS hugely complementary of Caroline’s professional ability and her personal approach. Conversely whenever a consultants advice is required, Caroline has superb contacts to whom she will refer you and always knows who is the best in their field, (if not, you can be guaranteed she will find out!)

Having been to one other physio in the past when referred by a consultant, for a knee injury, I would not go back as the physio simply tried to treat the problem with ultrasound,  but of course this does not allow you to return to normal activities, as rehab is essential. 

For this very reason I will continue to revert back to Caroline when needed.

Caroline Norton 39 Chartered Surveyor  

I have been a patient of Caroline's for the past six years, as being a competitive long-distance runner I am prone to repetitive injuries and muscular aches and pains. I could not speak more highly of her. Her diagnostic skills and acupuncture are second to none. She is extremely understanding and supportive of sports-people, unlike a lot of physios, by not just advising them to take long periods of rest unless absolutely necessary, but always helping them to find alternate forms of training even if they have to rest from their usual sport. Last year I was suffering from agonising pain in my hips and struggling to run. Caroline helped me to identify the source of the hip pain, which was in fact a very rare over-use injury of fractures to both sides of my pelvis, and has now helped rehabilitate me back into running. Nine months ago, I thought that I would never run again, but with Caroline's  help and support I am now back to running for 60 minutes. Hopefully with her on-going support I shall get back to my previous level of training and back to winning races!

Over the years I have seen a countless number of Physiotherapists and Caroline is definitely one of the best of them!  Her acupuncture skills are phenomenal and far better than anyone else that I have ever come across. She has the exceptional ability to immediately locate areas of muscle tightness and then relieve them through her acupuncture. I have recommended many friends and fellow athletes to Caroline and will continue to do so, as she has helped them as much as she has helped me. She is brilliant!

Sian Khan 29 ,Competitive runner (Birchfield Harriers)

After several years of putting up with a ‘bad back’ I eventually got so fed up with being prescribed painkillers that I sought the help of a chiropractor, Gabrielle Swait. Gabrielle discovered the problems immediately and began a series of sessions to realign my pelvis. This proved a godsend and although the problems did recur from time to time a quick repeat visit (or two) was usually enough to sort it out. Towards the end of my last session with Gabrielle, she suggested I might benefit from rehabilitation exercises with Caroline Spearing, a physiotherapist she respected and trusted to provide a service that would complement the chiropractic treatment she had already performed.

At the first session with Caroline, I discovered that my core muscles were rather out of shape which was exacerbating my lower back pain. However, with Caroline’s patient help and guidance, my progress was quite rapid and by the end of my 8th session my core was a lot stronger. As a runner, I found Caroline’s' suggestions for training invaluable and I was able to run half-marathons faster and with less pain than in previous years.

Jackie Slaughter, 32, Dentist

I was referred to physiotherapist Caroline after attending the chiropractic group for lower back pain and pelvis problems. An initial assessment of my wellbeing was taken and consent obtained. Caroline emphasised there was no guarantee that my back pain would stop reoccurring, however if the exercises were done regularly the reoccurring incidences would likely to be reduced. Each week exercises were reviewed and my ability to these correctly and safely, with new exercises clearly demonstrated and the reasons for these discussed. Caroline not only had the obvious ability to help me understand the mechanisms of the muscles being strengthened but also gave me the confidence to continue with the exercises personal to me.

I have come away feeling very motivated to continue with my exercises, very happy knowing that I have not had an issue with my back for 4months and have cycled 40miles in 3hours.

Helen Brooks, 36, Midwife

I began having trouble with a stiff and sore ankle. Other things were going on at the time, so I tried to ignore it. However it got steadily worse, more painful and more debilitating. I did not know what to do with myself - whether to grit my teeth and carryon or to take pain killers.

My GP recommended me to see Caroline. Gradually after some specfic exercises, massage and acupuncture things began to improve. As the pain and swelling reduced my exercises were progressed. After a period of approx 6 weeks I was able to walk without a stick and live my life largely free of pain. I can feel my leg getting stronger and my mobility improving. My qualilty of life has improved and I am in better spirts and I now feel in control of my problem.

Caroline has been a source of strengh throughout and I have great confidence in her flexible approach and range of skills.

Shelia Jones , 72, Retired

"So good to be able to play a competitive match and not be in agony for the first time in weeks...Thanks for sorting me out!

Andrea Went, 23, Premiership Netball Player & Physiotherapist

Well, I have no idea how you do it ‘Miss Magic Fingers’ but… she is absolutely fine again.

Did a gentle mile yesterday, followed by 5x1km at 5k pace with a jogged 200m between them.  No pain, no discomfort, no swelling, nothing.  New trainers have been purchased, as well as the Togu cushion

Anyway, thank you yet again.  The smile is back on her face.

Rev Pete Worth, Barnt Green Baptist
Olivia Worth 15, Competitive Runner

After having problems with my knee for a year and seeing a different physio to try and sort it out, I became very disheartened and was convinced that my knee would never recover. After one particularly painful run I decided to try a different physio and found Caroline was just around the corner from me. 

After explaining my symptoms, Caroline was excellent at asking different questions to help her decipher what could be the problem. She has such an excellent knowledge of how the body works and the symptoms of different injuries, I felt instantly reassured that we would be able to solve it. 

My problem was a fat pad impingement from my patella as it wasn't tracking properly. This was due to an extremely tight ITB, along with other weakened muscles. With a massive fear of needles, when acupuncture was suggested as an option, I was extremely reluctant and although agreed, chickened out after two had gone in. Caroline was extremely understanding and session after session, provided an alternative course of therapy until I finally built up the courage to have it (It really isn't all that bad). 

An exercise plan was produced and regular check ups and progress was made and after 6 weeks, I was back running, with no pain. We built it up slowly, keeping with the exercises and I can now run for an hour pain free and I am so grateful for all the help and support that Caroline gave me with this. 

I have always felt in safe hands and had a great deal of trust in everything I was being told to do. Each session was enjoyable as Caroline is a lovely person, who is extremely easy to get along with.

I am now moving away from the area, but I am so impressed with the treatment I have received that I will find time to come back as Caroline is an exceptional physio and I recommend her whole-heartedly. 

Alice Saltmarsh, 25, Cycle Instructor

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