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What is Shockwave?

A highly effective way of treating tendon related pain.

Shockwave is a very modern and extremely effective method of treatment for chronic conditions.
The shockwave is delivered through the surface of the skin and initially causes an inflammatory like response to the injured tissues. This promotes the  healing process by stimulating the local blood circulation and improving the bodies metabolism.
The shockwave breaks down the tissue and the body starts building up new tissue in the order it was originally intended. Evidence suggests that new blood vessels grow into the new tissue, promoting  healing.
In other words: the shock wave stimulates healing of the tissue, which has not been successful in the spontaneous healing process which is supposed to take place in the body.
Patients that have been suffering for years with chronic pain may be successfully treated with “Shockwave Therapy” using the latest high tech non surgical equipment.

What conditions can we treat with Shockwave at the Oakalls Physiotherapy Clinic?

Shoulder Calcification
Tennis & Golfers elbow
Inflammation of the patella tendon
Achilles tendon pain
Muscle tension caused by painful muscle knots
Plantar fasciitis

Useful resources

In 2009 NICE Published a series of guidelines for patients and NHS users on Chronic musculoskeletal conditions for shockwave therapy.

Below are some useful links to these guidelines.

Plantar fasciitis
Achilles tendonopathy
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