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Electrotherapy is used by physiotherapists to provide pain relief, promote healing for problems of the soft tissue or stimulate the muscles fibres to activate. The main methods of electrotherapy used at the Oakalls Physiotherapy Clinic is to complement our manual approach and exercise prescription are as follows:

Muscle Stimulation is an artificial way of activating a muscle. If you are recovering from an injury or suffer from arthritis your muscles can start to waste away. The Compex Chatanooga Wireless Pro can be the ideal tool to start your road to recovery. It can stimulate the muscles to work and gain strength without causing pain to your injury or arthritis. It mimics the impulses sent from the brain and the muscle reacts accordingly.

Our trained staff can manipulate the frequency of the impulses to provide these benefits:

Compex Chatanooga (Neuromuscular electric stimulation (NMES)


Enhancing muscle recruitment 

Increased muscle volume and strength

Pain relief

Reduce swelling

Screenshot 2021-04-11 at 14.03.52.png

With an ultrasound machine high frequency sound waves are used to treat injuries to muscles, tendons and soft tissues. The sound waves pass through the skin causing the tissues in the affected area to vibrate.


This can helps to:


Improve blood flow to the injured site

Increase the breakdown of scar tissue

Decrease pain

Encourage the healing process.

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