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The initial Visit

History of the problem/Condition

The Initial visit will take about 1 hour. This is to allow time for a chat and to run through a series of questions to gain a history of your problem and condition. Once a thorough history has been taken an examination will then take place

Physical Assessment

This may involve some diagnostic testing (However this is nothing to worry about!) to help ascertain the best way forward for the most appropriate treatment options for you. Together we will plan the best way forward. 

Clinical Working Diagnosis

Once all the tests and examination has taken place, the findings will be fully explained so we can agree a specific treatment program to benefit you.

Treatment Plan

Treatment may involve some rehabilitation exercises specific to you, so you can take control away from the clinic. You may also need some ‘hands on’ in conjunction with exercises, such as, soft tissue massage, acupuncture, electrotherapy and mobilisation to name a few...

Follow up visit will last approximately 45 minutes. Your progress and response to treatment will be monitored and re-assessed during this time. From the information gained, your rehab and treatment can be readjusted or modified accordingly to achieve your goals.

Common conditions we Treat

Chronic and acute pain
Sacral Iliac problems
Neck and back pain
Shoulder problems: ‘frozen shoulder’ and 'impingement’ problems
‘Tennis elbow’
Knee problems
Ankle problems
Joint problems
Ligament Sprains
Muscle injuries
Repetitive sports injuries
Pre-post operative rehabilitation
Postural muscle imbalance

You may want to bring T-shirt and shorts or wear loose clothing for your assessment.

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