What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a term used to describe the dimpled appearance of skin. It is caused by fat deposits that are just below the surface of the skin. It generally becomes visible as skin ages.

It can often appear in the lower limbs, arms and pelvic region when the collagen fibres become thinner and less resistant to fat cells poking through.

Cellulite is normally categorised into 3 grades  (4 if you include no cellulite). The grades are important as several studies have shown    patients with the use of shockwave can normally be improved by at least 1 grade .

 The grades are (grade 0 is no dimpling even with pressure applied):

1. Dimpling when pressure applied

2, Dimpling visible standing but not lying down

3. Dimpling visible even when lying

Effects of Shockwave on cellulite

With Shockwave Therapy, women can now achieve smoother skin in the areas where skin dimpling is common i.e. the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arms.

A study conducted in Switzerland has shown a 110% improvement in skin elasticity in the female patients treated and in many cases. Common results were softening and smoothing of the skin over the area treated.

This happened in  a little as 3-5 session, while visual changes started to become noticeable after 6-8 sessions.

We use a Shock Wave Therapy because treatment is fast and is virtually painless with no long term  side-effects. Some short-term discomfort may be felt during the treatment and tingling or numbness over the treatment area.

Before Treatment

Enlarged fat cells push the skin up and compress the circulatory system, reducing inflow of nutrients and outflow of waste products. Diminished exchanged in circulation leads to gradual stiffening of the connective tissue, pulling down on the skin. The push/pull effect creates the appearance of dimpled skin.

During Treatment

The massaging action of shockwave:-

disrupts the connective tissue to firm and smooth the skin 

Causes neoóvascularization , improving  circulatory exchanges. (The root cause of the problem).

Initiates the inflammatory process in the skin, leading to thicker, more elastic skin through collagen production. 

After Treatment

The elasticity of the connective tissue is restored  & the skin is smoother. The skin is thicker and more elastic with noticeable improvements  to the skin texture.

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